If your moving day is approaching, you might be feeling the strain of planning a move while continuing to keep up with your other responsibilities. As a result, you might be considering hiring professional movers to help you complete your move. 

If you’re on the fence about hiring a moving company for whatever reason, here are reasons why you should seriously consider:


The U.S. Census Bureau reports that the average American moves 11 times in their entire lifetime. Although this happens every 5 to 10 years, investing in professional movers is worth it.

Also, if you move on your own, you will still have to buy equipment such as boxes, packing materials, and a rental truck to transport your items. By the end of the move, you may have spent just as much as you would have on hiring movers.

Effort and Time Efficiency

Moving is hard work, and there are a million things to do besides just packing up your stuff. That’s why you should hire professional movers to do the job for you. You can make a list of people you want to say goodbye to, scout out the new neighborhood, and clean up the old house while they do all the heavy lifting. All of those options sound a lot better than packing everything up into moving vans.

Faster Moving

It can take several days to move your own home, especially if you have many items to pack up or large pieces of furniture to move. You’ll need to spend time packing and organizing everything, then several hours driving back and forth between your old and new homes.

On the other hand, professional movers skip the packing and organizing part entirely and focus entirely on getting your items from one place to another. And depending on the number of things you need to move, the new place could be empty in a single day, without you having to lift a finger.

Increased Protection and Security

Moving an entire home can lead to broken items, but savvy movers know how to limit this. They carry straps and blankets to bundle items; they also have materials to wrap up more oversized items like furniture and televisions to protect them from damage. 

Plus, professional movers have the equipment needed to move large items properly, such as dollies, ramps, and lifts. The individual mover must rent this equipment.

If you’re moving on your own, losing a box or two is easy. That’s why professional movers offer to keep an inventory of items you take with you: it’s part of the mover’s service. If you need help keeping track of your belongings while trying to move on your own, consider hiring a moving organizer.

Injury Prevention

Moving presents plenty of risks for non-professionals: a bad back, for example, or even a disabling injury. Most people know to avoid moving heavy boxes and furniture without help, but there are other ways to get hurt as well. 

For example, you could throw out your back by lifting a fragile piece of furniture without using a moving strap. Fortunately, moving services have methods to prevent injuries during the move. Professional movers come prepared with carrying straps and other tools to protect your body from damage while they complete the activity.

Get in Touch with Professional Movers from Gaithersburg, MD

Ask yourself: Are your family and friends helping you move a favor for you or themselves? Saving a few hundred dollars by moving your stuff, no matter how cheap your friends and family members may seem, is not worth the hassle of shattered relationships in the end. And no matter how much pizza you bribe them with, your friends and family won’t be happy when they’re the ones moving your heavy objects while you sit on the couch.

That’s why it’s a much better option to hire movers from Gaithersburg, MD, like Shipping Solutions Worldwide! We provide you with a service that effortlessly moves neighborhoods and cities without excess anxiety. We are happy to help move you from any type of building, be it an apartment complex, townhome, or home. Visit our website to learn more!

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