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It goes without saying that people often have very emotional attachments to their vehicles. So much so that the prospect of having to drive a car cross country, or even across state lines, for a move can seem like a daunting task. Some prefer never to leave the comforts of city driving. Whatever the case may be when you move any considerable amount of distance you usually have two choices. You drive the exotic car to and from the destination, or you can transport it. Sometimes, you’ll want to use a car to transport goods during your move. However, when you enlist the services of Shipping Solutions Worldwide, we take care of everything for you. Your main goal becomes to get yourself and yourself only to the destination.

What you might not realize is that car shipping is like an art, and at our car shipping Baltimore location we’re purveyors of the craft. There are a lot of logistics that go into the transport and shipment of cars. Thankfully, 30 years of experience has taught us exactly what we need to know, and when to leave behind the frivolous and menial details. As a veteran institution, we offer some of the best rates on car shipping, reflective of our impeccable standards and capabilities. Per week, we average at least 1 car shipment. Meaning, we are constantly up to date with the optics and the operations surrounding the shipping. We can arrange car shipments all across the United States and see to it that they are followed through.

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    Setting the Standard for Car Shipping Companies in Virginia

    Although we do facilitate car pickups and even exotic car transport across the United States, we are based out of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Regardless of where you’re at on the map, we know how to get your vehicle from point A to point B. Another hallmark of Shipping Solutions Worldwide is our ability to offer international car shipping services at reasonable prices. We offer our clients two options when it comes to car shipment. While we can guarantee that both methods are safe and expertly overseen, there are differences in how they operate. Here are the two options for international (or national via waterway) shipping opportunities that we use to get your car or your exotic car safely to its new home base.

    Containerized Car Shipping:For the safest and most current option when it comes to car shipping or exotic car transport, auto transport companies in Maryland will undoubtedly recommend containerized shipping. What occurs during this process is simple and true to its namesake. Your vehicle will be loaded into a metal container. This method is most secure and will offer the most protection from outside sources. If you opt for this type of shipping, and your point of origin is in Maryland, Virginia, or DC, we will bring the container to your location. At which point we will completely take care of the onboarding process.



    Domestic Car Shipping Companies in Virginia, DC, and Maryland

    If you’re looking to ship by way of the ground method, we are more than happy to accommodate you there as well. If you’re wondering how to facilitate that move, we urge you to call us today. With more information regarding the car, the distance to be traveled, and other pertinent elements, we can give you an accurate quote. We offer free shipping quotes to anyone interested.

    Before you ship, we encourage you to:

    • Check for existing damage. We recommend washing the exterior and interior to get a better gauge of issues. We also recommend you document and take pictures of any existing damage.
    • Disconnect Alarms. We’ll be unable to load your car if we cannot get the alarm to stop.
    • Remove Personal Items. Even with our safety protocol, it’s best for you to be in control of your personal effects.
    • Remove exterior accessories.

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