Shipping a car is often cheaper than driving it across the country. Also, there are many benefits to auto transport. For one, shipping protects your car from scratches and dents caused by driving long distances. It also helps prevent wear and tear on your vehicle, which keeps your car in mint condition. However, you also have to do your part in preparing your vehicle for safe and secure transport. 

Before hiring a car shipping company, here are some guidelines to help you prepare for the big day.

How to Prepare Your Car for Shipping

Step 1: Collect Your Vehicle’s Documents

Before shipping your car, collect the vehicle’s documents, such as the title and registration. The shipping company needs these as proof that you’re the vehicle’s rightful owner. If you don’t have them, you might have to contact your local motor vehicle office.

Here are some of the documents that you need to prepare:

  • Original vehicle title
  • Vehicle registration information
  • Bill of sale or other proof you own the vehicle
  • Proof of insurance
  • Your unexpired ID (such as driver’s license or passport)

Step 2: Clean the Interior and Exterior of Your Car

Before a car is shipped, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly. If you don’t want your car to be cluttered with dirt, dust, or contamination, you’ll have to clean the inside and outside.

To clean the inside:

  1. Remove all items from the car, such as clothes, food, and trash.
  2. Wipe the interior and vacuum thoroughly.
  3. Remove the floor mats and clean them, too.

When it comes to the exterior, wash the car thoroughly. Remove any dirt from the tires and make sure there are no dents in the body.

Step 3: List Down All Current Damage

After your car is cleaned, it’s time to list all the damages to your current vehicle. Before you ship the car, take note of the vehicle’s paint and body issues, such as dents, scratches, parking lot damage, missing parts, or rust.

Be as detailed as possible to give a complete report to your car shipping company. If you plan on repairing the damage after shipping, then include that in your list, too. If you have photos of the damage, attach them to your list.

Step 4: Remove Your Personal Items

Take out any personal items from your vehicle, such as your picture frames, CDs, and DVDs. The car shipping company can’t be held liable for any loss of items that aren’t transported inside the car. You may also be charged for these items if they’re found inside the vehicle.

If you want to keep your items secure, things like your jewelry, expensive electronics, and documents should be locked in the trunk or inside the car’s glove compartment.

Remove the vehicle’s dials, knobs, or other parts that can be easily broken or stolen. If you have any car parts that are too fragile or vintage, take them out and place them in a secure location.

Step 5: Have Your Car Professionally Inspected

Before you ship your car, you should have it inspected to ensure that it’s in good condition. If you notice any problems with your vehicle’s engine, brakes, or powertrain, you should have them fixed beforehand. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay the shipping company for any repairs made to your vehicle.

Step 6: Lock Up Your Car

Once you’re sure your car is in good condition for shipping, you should lock it up. There are various ways to lock up your car. You can buy a car-shipping kit from a car shipping company or do it yourself.


Shipping your car is a great way to move to another state or country. With the help of a car shipping company, you can transport your car with care and maintain its condition. If you’re interested in shipping a vehicle, look for a reputable car shipping company. An auto transport company with experience and great customer service can protect your car during transport. 

Hire a car shipping company that follows the rules and regulations so that you can be sure that your car will arrive safely. Try our service at Shipping Solutions Worldwide. We offer worldwide shipping solutions to ensure all your vehicles and items are well-taken care of. Get a quick quote today!

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