Moving Companies Gaithersburg MD


We offer international moving services to both private residents and diplomats. We have connections to multiple embassies across the globe and offer relocation services for various worldwide organizations and federal agencies. We are a shipping company that perfected the art of moving over the last 30+ years!

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Moving Companies Gaithersburg MD


Whether you need residential, commercial, long-distance, diplomat, corporate and office moving services,  we truly do it all! Shipping Solutions WorldWide is the best shipping company in Maryland. We can move our clients to any location in the United States or across the globe so long as their origin is in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, or NYC.

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Moving Companies Gaithersburg MD


We understand every customer’s needs are unique, especially when overseas moving is involved. We are one of the only freight companies in Maryland that offers a comprehensive selection of different shipping and moving methods. 

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What is the Shipping Solutions Worldwide Difference?

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Federal Maritime Commission (FMC),Licensed Freight Forwarders, Licensed N.V.O.C.C.

moving companies gaithersburg md


We have moved an embassy down the road, companies across the country, and families around the globe.

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Your personal belongings, household goods, or commercial products are custom-packed by our very honest and experienced crew members, then they’re shipped door-to-door, by land, sea or air.

Introducing Shipping Solutions Worldwide

A Cut Above in Maryland Shipping and Moving

Competence, time sensitivity, and a proven track record for excellence punctuate Shipping Solutions Worldwide 30+ year career moving homeowners and businesses in Maryland, Virginia, and DC. For over three decades, we’ve provided our customers with reliable service that prioritizes people over profit and operates from an “integrity first” standpoint.

The process of moving is deeply personal, and we do our best to ensure our clients have one less thing to worry about as they navigate the various challenges of the process. Furthermore, when you entrust your life’s belongings to us, our duty is to meet you with transparency and accountability at every step. When it comes to shipping companies in Maryland, you and your belongings deserve nothing less than the Worldwide standard.

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    The Core Values of Our Shipping Company in Maryland

    With plenty of other options to choose from, finding the right shipping company can feel like a task in and of itself. Here are the reasons we feel Shipping Solutions Worldwide is the best choice for you and for every prospective client:

    • ExperienceExperience is not the begin- all, end-all when it comes to running a successful enterprise. In fact, the true test of experience lies in how you rectify mistakes and learn how to adapt to unpredictability. In our 30+ years, we’ve encountered nearly every issue imaginable and learned how to expertly problem solve in less-than-ideal circumstances. Nevertheless, experience has led us to become more flexible, perceptive, and in general, better problem-solvers. That’s how we came to set the precedence for excellence regarding shipping companies in MD.

    • Licensure and CredentialsIt’s unfathomable to think that any company would take advantage of consumers during the moving process, a time that is already stressful and emotionally heightened. Unfortunately, that’s often when companies that are questionable and downright illegitimate tend to make their move.

      To combat any fears you may have regarding safety we stay consistent and up to date on all of our licensure and accreditations. At your behest, we are happy to provide our current licensing and accreditations. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to ask for our credentials and the credentials of any company you consider. Baltimore shipping companies that are unwilling to provide documentation very likely have something to hide.

    • Proficiency and PunctualityIt’s a tale as old as time. We constantly hear from customers about previous moves where they were unable to rely on the very people transporting their personal items. Above all else, we make it our priority to provide you with consistent updates about the status of your belongings. Given our veteran status in the industry, we are extraordinarily apt at providing our customers with realistic timelines. If for any reason any unforeseen delays or issues occur during the process, you’ll be alerted immediately.

      Despite our swift turnaround times, we never compromise the welfare of your belongings in the process. When it comes to shipping companies Baltimore residents know they can trust us to care and maintain their precious cargo.

    • Experienced International MoversAt Shipping Solutions Worldwide, our epicenter just so happens to be located in the greater Washington-D.C, Baltimore, Maryland, area. However, we’re qualified (and certified!) to move any Maryland-based client to nearly any address on the map. For over 30 years, we’ve successfully moved clients domestically and internationally with tact and efficiency. We are a well-oiled machine with infinite practice, making our long-distance and international moves nearly as simple as our moves across the state.

      The logistics surrounding an international move can definitely seem daunting, especially for our customers who have never previously moved overseas. From our Baltimore offices to our NYC international movers team, we have handled countless high-profile moves flawlessly. While there are undeniably more steps to consider when executing an overseas or international move, we are well-versed in the process and know how to move you through it effectively and smoothly. To further illustrate Shipping Solutions Worldwide’s reputable nature, we are longtime members of The International Association of Movers (IAM).

    • This accreditation both verifies and ensures we are a part of a global network designed to help maintain order and efficiency in international moving affairs. Conversely, it verifies the companies we do business with overseas. Therefore, guaranteeing a smooth and satisfactory transition between our team and your international moving providers. Whether the port of origin is handled by our Baltimore team or our international movers NYC crew, we’ll handle the entire process with care and precision.

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    • AffordabilityWe believe that quality moving services shouldn’t have to leave your wallet reeling, hence why we continuously aim to have our prices marked competitively. With that in mind, the moving industry is definitely one where“you get what you pay for”. Far too many companies will offer next to nothing in terms of payment, yet the service is haphazardly and ultimately, detrimental to your items. While we cannot claim to be the cheapest option around, we are an option that reflects a high standard of service, at a realistic price point. Furthermore, we guarantee the safe and undamaged delivery of your items. For many of our clients that guarantee alone is priceless.

      If you’re currently shopping around for shipping companies in Baltimore MD, we encourage you to get as many quotes as possible. At the same time, you’ll be able to conduct some much-needed research into the policies and promises of the moving business you’re considering. As the customer, remember that you have full control of the vetting process and can choose from various options. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to ask for licensing and accreditation information. Any reputable company should be happy to provide you with full transparency, no questions asked.

    • Integrity and HonestyOur industry is an one that unfortunately suffers poaching from scammers who are unconcerned with the welfare of their clients. As a locally owned and operated business, we feel strongly about providing our community with a high caliber standard of service, no matter where their travels take them. Whether we’re operating out of Maryland, D.C, Baltimore, or our international moving service NYC location, we’re committed to providing exemplary service that builds trust along the way. We implicitly understand the importance of handling our client’s material possessions, many of which are irreplaceable. As such, it is our ultimate goal to ensure your every belonging reaches you in immaculate condition.

      Shipping Solutions Worldwide operates from a place of full transparency and humility. As a result, we fully acknowledge accidents happen. Should there be any issue regarding any portion of your move, we want to hear about it and rectify it immediately. Customer satisfaction has always been at the center of our priorities, as it should be for any shipping companies in Baltimore. Over the years, we’ve learned how to prevent nearly any issue from occurring. Even so, no business is infallible, and mistakes happen. Integrity means always operating from a place of transparency. It’s something we’ve mastered in our three decades of business.

      Our Moving Company Services- At a Glance

      Here on our website, you can find comprehensive and detailed information regarding any portion of our process. With that in mind, each moving situation is unique and often requires different levels of labor and logistical planning. The best way to figure out what you’re looking at in terms of pricing and timeline is to get in contact with us today. Whether you need help with an international move or basic relocation services in Washington DC and Maryland adjacent, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what Shipping Solutions Worldwide Services has to offer:

      • International Moving International moving is a deeply involved process that requires unrelenting attention to detail, and assertiveness in making things happen. Thankfully, we have been perfecting this art for the past three decades. Over the years we’ve fine-tuned our services by handling the entirety of the process. From paperwork to packing, we’ll ensure that you end up exactly where you need to be. As a part of the International Association of Movers, we can easily tap into a global network of verified and reputable moving companies across the world. Whether it’s finding the perfect international moving companies NYC adjacent, or at your overseas destination, we’ll take care of the entire process.

        Shipping Solutions Worldwide is also proud to offer our international moving services to both private customers and diplomats. Given the nature of the clientele we serve in the nation’s capital, it is not unusual for us to get requests from government officials and diplomats. We have connections to multiple embassies across the globe and offer relocation services for various worldwide organizations and federal agencies.

      • Residential MovingResidential moving services are the backbone of what we provide. For years, we have helped successfully relocate client after client with ease and efficiency. Platinum is based out of the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area. We are specifically based in Gaithersburg Maryland. Ergo, when it comes to moving companies Gaithersburg MD locals know we mean business unlike any other.

        We can move our clients to any location in the United States so long as their origin is Maryland, or D.C located. From there we’ll take you anywhere you need to go from the Rocky Mountains to the Mojave Desert. As a part of our comprehensive moving services, Shipping Solutions Worldwide will also take care of packing your items, transporting them safely, and accounting for their delivery in full.

      • Air, Land, and SeaEvery customer is unique and so are the circumstances surrounding their move. That’s why we offer transportation via multiple channels. We are one of the only freight companies in Maryland that offers a comprehensive selection of different shipping methods. Moreover, we guarantee that all of our vessels are safe and secure. Regardless of how you choose to transfer, your items will always reach you in mint condition.

        As far as the price point is concerned, your overall quote will vary based on how you choose to transport your items. Naturally, different vessels will also vary in transportation times and availability. Just let us know how you intend to proceed, and we’ll figure out all of the logistics.

      • Office MovingOur moving services aren’t just reserved for residential customers. When it comes to comprehensive shipping companies Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland business owners know they can call Platinum for state-of-the-art office and business moving services. Whether we’re hitting the high-rise or a suburban strip mall, we’ll get your business cleared out and packaged in no time. Essentially, we offer the exact same services as we would a residential move. We’ll pack up the office, transport your belongings to their new home, and diligently unload them.

      • Cargo ShippingGiven our comprehensive nature, Shipping Solutions Worldwide is also happy to help those who only need to ship one, or a few, specialty items at a time. Many of these items that require individual shipping are important in nature and should be handled accordingly. We provide our customers with experienced international movers Washington DC commercial and residential clients can trust for the movement of their precious cargo. We will facilitate the safe transfer of your items, ensuring they reach their destination without so much as a scratch.

      • Customized MovingTantamount to our exceptional industry reputation, is our ability to provide clients with a completely personalized moving experience. In our 30+ years of experience, we’ve become uniquely accustomed to transporting materials and goods of extraordinary value.

        To optimally facilitate the movement of specialty items, we hire a dedicated specialist to oversee the job. Our specialists know how to work with high-caliber items such as pianos, art, and fragile antiques. We even implement a specialized packing protocol that ensures your most revered items show up in exceptional condition. For more regarding our process, don’t hesitate to reach out. We feel passionate about providing a second-to-none Virginia, DC, and Maryland shipping experience.

        And More! When it comes to moving services, there’s virtually no distance we will not cover to bring our clientele unparalleled satisfaction. Above all else, we feel strongly about providing our clients with an unforgettable moving experience, as they are the direct reason for our longtime success in the area. For over three decades, we’ve provided our clients with the gold standard in moving and shipping and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Call us today and we’ll get to work on configuring your move.

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