Moving to a different country can be quite a stressful experience. The paperwork alone will take up a lot of time and effort to sort out. Of course, moving all your belongings out of your home to another country is all part of this. How about your car? How are you supposed to ship your car from one side of the world to another? If you’re wondering how shipping a car internationally works, then this guide is for you.

How International Car Shipping Works

The process works quite simply. You need to pick a vehicle transport company to help you with the shipping process. These companies will be able to handle the move for you. They’ll come and collect the car from your driveway and then drive it on a sealed and locked truck to the destination. They’ll unload it there and get it to the destination. You’ll be told when the car is going to be delivered where you say. You can book the transport company in advance.

Things to Consider About International Shipping

When you start looking into shipping a car internationally, you’ll come across a number of different companies that offer the service. This can be quite overwhelming, especially if you don’t really know the process of shipping a car. Here are some things to consider when you start looking into the various companies.

Vehicle Size

Some vans and trucks might not be able to accommodate the size of your vehicle. You might find that some companies specialize in different vehicles. For example, some may specialize in small, compact cars, whereas some specialize in larger vehicles. Consider the size of your car and how much room it’s going to take up on the truck. A company that specializes in larger vehicles might be better for you.

Transport Times

It’ll take your car a number of days or even weeks to get from your current location to where you want it to go. The time you’ll have it in transit is going to vary from company to company. For example, a company may be located a lot closer to where you’re sending your car to. This means that the distance is going to be shorter. This will mean a company is going to be able to get it there faster than another.


Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the cost of international car shipping. Companies are going to vary on the price. Depending on their location, they’ll have different costs. You can look into what the cost is going to be and make a decision on which company to use. Consider the distance they’re going to have to drive and make your choice.


Depending on your own insurance policy and the insurance policy of the company, you might be able to get your car insured for shipping. Some insurance companies might cover your car while it’s being shipped on the truck. Check with the company you choose to insure your car while it’s in transit.


Shipping your car internationally is a very simple process. All you need to do is pick a company specializing in the shipping process and book your car transport. It’s really as simple as that. What’s challenging is finding the right company that can get your car from point A to point B safely. Hopefully, this guide can help you decide which company to hire.

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