Whether you’re moving houses a city over or across the state border, it’s crucial to pick out a decent moving company to handle your earthly possessions. While it’s definitely possible to handle some of the heavy lifting yourself, handling your bigger appliances and furniture needs an expert’s hand to move about.

Searching for residential movers is quite easy, it’s picking out the best one that can prove to be a challenge. Picking out the cheapest one can end up with your furniture being mishandled—or worse, stolen—so taking some time to screen your potential providers can save you more money in the long run.

To help you in this regard, here are five crucial criteria to look for when choosing a moving company to assist you with moving homes.

The Experience

Experience is a crucial thing when considering any business. You would want to take a business that has handled similar services before—it builds some trust and authority knowing that your provider is capable of delivering on their promise. This is even more important, given that you’re asking for a service that will literally cross borders. A simple Google search can be fruitful, allowing you to view how long a business has been active. 

The Reviews

Another essential research point to make for your potential home movers would be to check out their reviews. While having a high overall rating is crucial, it’s also wise to check the volume—more reviews point to a long-standing business, which means more experience. A decent moving company would have numerous positive reviews, so watch out for those. 

The Office

One crucial point to look into would be the presence of a brick-and-mortar office. While there are a number of registered businesses that can handle their job without the need for a physical office, having one is a big sign of legitimacy. It can be helpful to have a place you can visit to scope out their capabilities and it at least gives you a place to head to if things go wrong.

Aside from the mere presence, ensure that the office is legitimate. By doing a simple visit, you can see if their facilities are actually owned by the business that claims it and if their equipment is suitable for moving needs. If it looks to be a rickety area with numerous unmarked vans, then it’s probably time to move to your next option.

The License and Insurance

The most crucial component to watch out for would be their operating license and insurance options. This is incredibly crucial, as businesses without a license are a big red flag, but so are movers that don’t offer insurance. If they’re being secretive about these and refuse to present them, then you’re better off looking for a safer, more provably legitimate option.


When you’re moving houses, it’s best to look for a legitimate and reliable moving service to help you out. By taking some time to screen your options, you can ensure that your belongings are safely and legally moved without any risk of breakage or issue.

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