International Moving Services in Baltimore, Maryland

Are you searching for professional movers to help with your international move overseas from the Baltimore area? Shipping Solutions WorldWide can handle the entire logistics of your move – from the needed paperwork to safely packing your belongings. When it comes to figuring out how much your overseas move is going to cost, which shipping method you’re going to choose and packing up your household –we know moving internationally can get stressful.

That’s where Shipping Solutions WorldWide comes in.

Overseas Shipping Company

Here’s what you’ll get with our moving services from Baltimore:

  • Pack your household goods and personal effects either in cardboard boxes or wooden crates. Our packing craftsmanship is second to none! Plus, we provide all packing materials
  • Take a full inventory of your belongings
  • Book the vessel to destination
    Arrange for pickup and delivery of the empty metallic container to your home

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    Are You Moving From Overseas to Baltimore?

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    Personalized Services
    For Every Type of Move

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